An Accident, A Fall From A Height, A High Impact Sprain, Etc.

However, women in the age group of 25 to 45 can also get affected by this problem. The physician will be in a better position to treat you, depending on the cause of the problem. An accident, a fall from a height, a high impact sprain, etc. are all examples of direct blows that are capable of breaking bones. Poor blood circulation is mostly found to occur in the extremities, especially the feet. kind of injury can take place as a result of falling from a ladder, or due to an automobile accident where the heel gets crushed against the floorboard. The formation of blisters on legs or feet could affect those suffering from diabetic neuropathy. Every time you walk, there will be some degree of strain on the toe, and as a result, the pain will be unavoidable. Grade 3 foot sprain causes complete ligament tear along with conspicuous instability of the joint and the inability of the foot to bear the weight of the body. Other symptoms are sharp foot pain that is triggered even by a slight movement and a feeling of numbness observed around the affected area. If the blood pressure is not lowered quickly, the life of both mother and the fetus is at risk.

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